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Icons are a simple and elegant way to express ideas. They provide instant visual recognition and cross language barriers. When you want to spice up your message, we help out by giving you quick and affordable options. With thousands of images to choose from, we make it easy for you to enhance any design.

What’s the benefit of using icons?

Graphic designers use icons to help communicate messages. Icons add a sense of personality, while helping users identify and recognize information quickly and easily.

Graphics are vital to all forms of visual communication by helping to create emotional responses. Icons increase usability in User Interfaces, while providing style and professionalism.

What’s royalty-free?

Royalty-Free icons can be used as often as you want, with certain restrictions. For more information, please visit the standard licensing agreement.

What are vectors?

Vector graphics are made up of paths, which are created in drawing programs. These paths are derived from mathematical equations, so that they can change size without losing their integrity. 

Vectors are also referred to as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or Encapsulated PostScript files (EPS). Vectors are also sometimes included in PDF files. 

Benefits of using vector for your artwork includes:
Smaller files size than regular bitmapped graphics such as GIF and JPEG files.
Resolution independence: Each image can scale up of down to fit proportionally into any size display on any type of Web device.
Vector paths can be personalized and edited within graphics software programs.
Our artwork is created in Adobe Illustrator.

What's included in your download?

When you purchase an image, you'll be directed to a download page with a zip file.

Black Series, Single icons, and Juicy Series icons:
The Zip file includes three file formats of the image: .EPS (ai10), .JPG and .PNG.

Pixel Perfect icons:
The Zip file includes three file formats of the image: .SVG, .EPS (ai10), and .PNG

All watermarks are removed from the downloaded file images you'll receive.

What can vector artwork be used for?

Animation and graphic elements for videos
Business cards and other corporate identity
Car wraps and truck graphics
Printed items such as brochures, advertisements and billboards
Software interfaces for Web sites or mobile apps
Wall graphics
... and much more!

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