Why attractive design works better

Why attractive design works better

You want your brand to be iconic. The most well-known brands tend to be represented by marketing symbols that you can recognize instantly. In fact, a consumer can recognize a familiar logo in under half a second

We've talked before about the power of icons and symbols. Basically, they act as visual shorthands for an entire idea. You see the logo for McDonald's and instantly recognize that it refers to a fast food restaurant chain. Those two simple arches call up your knowledge about the company and their products. 

But simple recognition isn't enough for your brand. When it comes to building your brand, aesthetic values matter. The way your marketing symbols look forms the basis of your brand identity for consumers.

This is important for everything from your logo to your website and anything in between. You need to design them to tell the brand story that you want.

We'll show you why designing attractive marketing symbols is essential to building a strong brand.

On one level, "attractive" design is subjective. Individuals have different preferences when it comes to color, shape, size — and virtually every other design element.

Culturally too, we are more likely to find certain designs more or less attractive than others. Plus, the meanings of colors tend to differ culturally, so while yellow may mean one thing to you, it likely means a bunch of different things to people in other parts of the world.

But on another level, the human brain appears to be wired to react differently to different visual sights. The so-called "golden ratio" for example, is a mathematical way of determining proportions that are universally attractive. 

Generally, good designs cater to their cultural context, but use some universal design elements.

The science behind attractive design

But why does any of this mean that your brand should be attractive? Wouldn't an ugly design be just as memorable as a good-looking one?

It turns out, there are benefits to having an aesthetically pleasing design. 

People are more likely to have positive associations with things that look attractive. This means that if your logo is not attractive, you will already be working at a disadvantage. You will have to work harder to convince consumers that your brand is positive, and by then they may have already tuned out.

Golden Ratio
The golden ratio can be found throughout nature, architecture and design.

Defining attraction

The brain also responds differently to things that it finds attractive. Seeing something attractive triggers the part of the brain that controls hand movement. According to the same New York Times article, different attractive images such as landscapes can have significant impacts on the motivation of viewers. 

So, with attractive marketing symbols, you can motivate your viewers to engage with your brand. 

Marketing Symbols

Incorporating attractive marketing symbols in your design

Currently, design is experiencing a minimalist moment. Instead of tons of photos and complicated layouts, marketers are tending to use more simple designs, pared back layouts, and clean, effective icons.

Marketing symbols such as icons are the popular trend of the moment, and it seems unlikely to go away anytime soon.

This is because icons are incredibly useful in many marketing situations. Apps rely heavily on icons. Icons greatly improve user interfaces when it comes to software design. 

Most importantly, they are popular with consumers. Tastes are shifting away from the gradient-heavy logos of the early 2000s towards the clean lines of icons. People find their visual simplicity attractive.

You can't just use any icons and call it a day, though! We'll run through how you can choose attractive icons to take advantage of all the positive benefits of attractive design.

Keep it consistent

You wouldn't use one color scheme on a few pages of your website and then a completely different scheme on another. It would feel inconsistent, and wouldn't create a cohesive feeling.

In much the same way, it is important to use icons that match. Whether these come from a series made by the same artist or not, it is important to find icons that go together visually.

For example, if you're using a number of icons in black and white all within a circular border, it would likely be jarring to have one icon in color, or inside a triangle. All the viewer's attention would be drawn to this out of place icon. 

Keep it relevant

The value of these sorts of marketing symbols is that they can communicate useful information very quickly.

This means that you should think very carefully about what the symbols you choose are saying. You shouldn't use an icon just for the sake of using one. 

Instead, think about what each icon you are choosing says. It should support the words nearby it or stand alone to allow you to communicate without words.

Browse through icon collections for inspiration and to find a unique icon that says what you need it to.

Keep colour in check

Make sure that you are choosing attractive colors that suit your brand.

Sure, bright colors may grab attention, but if you sell calming scented candles, a neon green and red logo won't convey the right message.

Colour makes your brand more recognizable and contributes to your brand identity. So, you want to choose colors that are memorable together, while still looking attractive. Try to keep the number of colors you use low. This will increase how memorable they are, and will reduce the chances of them clashing.  

Read up on color theory to find colors that are attractive together. A little extra research will go a long way to creating attractive marketing symbols. 

Follow the trend

The design of your marketing symbols clearly goes a long way. A more attractive design is more memorable, creates positive associations with your brand, and causes unconscious reactions in viewers' brains.

By designing with attractiveness in mind, you can enhance your brand identity and appeal to consumers. 

Choosing the right marketing symbols to create an attractive design even more important now, since icons are the current design trend. 

Now you know why using attractive marketing symbols is so important, you can get started improving your brand.

Have questions about attractive design, or have some thoughts to add? Let us know in the comments!

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