List of holidays

List of holidays

Looking for new content for your site or blog? Here's our official list of holidays and celebrations, complete with links to icons you can use in your messaging.

January holidays

New Year's Eve
January 1 New Year's Day
Fresh starts and new outlooks are best met with the clinking of two champagne glasses and a kiss at midnight.

Bird Day
January 5 National Bird Day
Daily reminders of adventurous potential, birds are immensely important to the ecosystem while also representing the hope of what lies beyond the horizon.

Reaching For The Stars Icon
January 13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
From garnering the interest of a lover to reaching the top of your field, living the dream is different for everyone; all we know is that we want it to come true.

January 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day
Become a social media idol or just make your furry friend look like they think they’re people for a day.

Popcorn Icon
January 19 National Popcorn Day
You don’t need to put a movie on as an excuse to make popcorn, especially on this addictively delicious snack’s national holiday.

Parent Icon
January 21 National Hugging Day
Free hugs are just about the best gift you can give to a stranger who could use some human contact. Just make sure you ask permission first, even when it’s the hugging holiday season.

Pie Icon
January 23 National Pie Day
Not to be confused with the day of the mathematical constant in March, National Pie day is all about crust-framed deliciousness, like pumpkin, apple, coconut cream, and even savory Shepherd's.

January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? Who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat chocolate cake?

January 29 National Cornchip Day
Corn chips: good by themselves, but amazing when dipped in salsa, avocado, melted cheese, or all of the above mixed together.

January 31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Whether appreciating the masters at the art museum, a local gallery, or online, or rolling up your sleeves at home for some DIY action, creating something from nothing truly makes the heart sing.

February holidays

Ice Cream Sundae Icon
First Saturday in February  Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Is there a better way to carpe diem than to begin the day with a bowl of ice cream? We think not.

Valentine Icon
February 14 Valentine's Day
What’s more important than love? Nothing. Then what holiday could be more important than the one that celebrates just that?

February 20 Love Your Pet Day
We love our pets every day, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be catered to a bit more than usual twice a year (today and their birthday).

Person Walking The Dog Icon
February 22 Walking the Dog Day
It’s going to be a bit busier than usual at the dog park, but that’s exactly what Fluffer McPuppertons is hoping for.

Polar Bear
February 27 Polar Bear Day
With a vulnerable conservation status and a melting ecosystem, polar bears need more recognition than ever before, which shouldn’t be difficult, since they’re incredibly cool animals.

March holidays 

Peanut Butter Icon
March 1 Peanut Butter Lovers' Day
Not only is peanut butter one of the best things ever invented, this holiday has such a great ring to it.

March 3 I Want You to be Happy Day
It’s like Mother’s, Father’s, Valentine’s, and Friendship Day all rolled into one umbrella holiday of making those close to you happy.

March 3-4 Unplug Day
The one day where we try not to have our noses in our phones or fingers on a keyboard for an extended period of time. It’s harder than it sounds.

March 6 National Frozen Food Day
An unappreciated convenience scoffed at by foodies and connoisseurs, frozen food deserves its day of praise because why not?

March 12 Plant a Flower Day
What patch of ground can’t be brightened by planting a flower, a thing of beauty that also does wonders for the local ecosystem?

Pie Icon
3.14 National Pi Day
Pi goes on and on forever, starting with 3.14, which is why we celebrate this mathematical wonder every year on March 14 (3.14).

Four Leaf Clover Icon
March 17 Saint Patrick's Day
Whether it’s Irish nationality pride or a love for hard liquor and heavy beers, St. Patty’s is a time for celebration no matter your background, but especially if you partake in ancient medicine.

March 25 Waffle Day
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and waffles are a breakfast staple. Waffle Day might not be the most important holiday of the year, but it’s up there.

April holidays

April 1 April Fool's Day
Pranksters rejoice! April Fool’s lets us get away with things that would be unacceptable any other day of the year.

April 2 National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
Is there anything more nostalgic than biting into a PB&J sandwich with the crust cut off? Just kidding, the crust is the best part.

Date varies Easter 
Is it all about Jesus or is it all about a giant bunny hiding plastic eggs filled with candy? We’re not here to decide, we’re just here to offer this icon.

April 8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Sounds simple enough, but take to social media and you’ll see that people take this seriously. It’s impressive, and you can be too.

High Five
Third Thursday National High Five Day
This is a holiday for the more daring sort, those willing to walk down the street, hand raised high, ready and willing for a pump-up, open palm slap with any willing celebrator.

April 23 World Laboratory Day
Where would we be without science and medicine? I shudder to think. Laboratories need their comeuppance at LEAST once a year.

National Pretzel Day
April 26 National Pretzel Day
Dipped in mustard, stuffed with cheese, hard and crunchy, soft and chewy. If you can’t get behind Pretzel Day, what can you get behind?

May holidays

May 1 Save the Rhino Day

Three of the five rhino species have a critical conservation status, while another is vulnerable. We need to save them, and we need this day as a reminder.

Cinco De Mayo
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
The Mexican St. Patty’s Day, with Latin cuisine, upbeat music, and margaritas galore!

May 6 National Nurses Day
Some say that nurses do all the work in the hospital. It’s mostly a figure of speech, but it’s also super true.

Mom Holding Baby
Second Sunday in May Mother's Day
Moms are so incredibly important that one single day doesn’t seem like enough, but for now, it’ll have to do. Love you, mom!

Third Friday in May National Bike to Work Day
Some of us need the bit of motivation this day inspires, some of us bike to work every day, and some of us just don’t feel like it no matter what day of the year it is.

May 16 Love a Tree Day
Trees create oxygen, become natural houses to some of the world’s most wonderful creatures, and are just plain beautiful. Find a tree to love today.

Memorial Day
Last Monday in May Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for our fallen heroes, men and women who sacrificed everything to give us everything we have.

June holidays

First Friday in June National Doughnut Day
There’s a debate about whether you spell it donut or doughnut. The only debate should be whether or not to call them wonderfully delicious or incredibly tasty.

First Saturday in June National Trails Day
A holiday founded by the American Hiking Society to honor the upkeep and maintenance of trails that us outdoorsy types rely on.

Ice Cream Cone
June 7 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Is it prejudice against vanilla and strawberry? Do we really care about anything while we’re shoving a spoon into a bowl of chocolate ice cream?

Gone Fishing
June 18 Go Fishing Day
Fishing is fun, relaxing, and can be done alone or with the whole family. Bonus: it can turn into a delicious meal or awesome wall decoration.

Grilling Logo
June 18 International Picnic Day
Fold up the big plaid blanket and pack up the wicker basket, because it’s eating and drinking under the sun day!

Man And Girl With Ball Icon
Third Sunday in June Father's Day 
Dads are so incredibly important that one single day doesn’t seem like enough, but for now, it’ll have to do. Love you, dad!

Take Your Dog To Work Day
Friday after Father's Day Take Your Dog to Work Day
If you work in a place that honors this holiday, that’s the kind of company you stay lifelong loyal to.

June 29 Camera Day
With such high-quality camera technology in our pockets, camera day won’t be hard to celebrate, but it sure will be fun.

July holidays

July 4 Independence Day (U.S.)
We will not go quietly into that good night! The Fourth of July celebrates our independence from Great Britain, those pesky Red Coats, with fireworks and BBQ.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Icon
July 7 Chocolate Day
Chocolate has been popular since day one, so it makes sense that we’d have a handful of chocolate specific holidays, as well as one that’s just about chocolate in general.

Video Game
July 8 Video Games Day
From the immersion of modern console gaming and the kitschy nostalgia of classic arcade favorites, Video Games Day is all about the love for hand-eye coordinated virtual adventure.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Icon
Third Sunday In July National Ice Cream Day
Cold, delicious, flavorful excellence I scream for, you scream for, and we all scream.

Hot Dog
July 23 National Hot Dog Day
Depending on where you live, there might be a specific type of hotdog, and all others pale in comparison. But let’s be honest, they’re all tasty and deserve their special day.

August holidays

Selfie Icon
First Sunday in August Friendship Day
Friends are the best, and unlike family, you actually get to pick them.

Open Book
August 9 Book Lover's Day
This holiday celebrates bookworms, who love the written word and enjoying masterpieces cover-to-cover, including the preludes and the forwards.

Dog Treat Icon
August 26 National Dog Day
Dogs are man’s best friend. That loyal of an animal deserves their own holiday, no doubt about it.

September holidays

Hard Hat Icon
First Monday in September Labor Day
One of the best parts about contributing to society by having a job and going to work is having a day off here and there. Labor Day honors your efforts and gives you just that.

Pizza Delivery
September 5 Cheese Pizza Day
Sometimes pizzas can be too fancy, brimming with this and that and the other. There’s something to be said for plain old cheese pizza, a true classic.

Think Positive
September 13 Positive Thinking Day
Whistling, smiling, saying, “Hi.” On Positive Thinking Day, it’s all about optimism. Every partially-filled glass is half-full, not half-empty.

September 14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day
Totally random? Sure! A great excuse to have a delicious cream-filled donut, whether long and thin or round and wide? Yep!

September 18 National Cheeseburger Day
It’s un-American not to love a cheeseburger, and don’t forget, you don’t have to be a carnivore. It’s so popular, they’ve made a burger out of just about everything.

Pirate With Eyepatch Icon
September 19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Did you know you can set your Facebook experience to be purely in pirate speak? It’s pretty much essential on this extremely important holiday, ye maties.

Beer Mug
Oktoberfest begins, date varies.
Big ole German beers, brats, lederhosen, and general merriment. You don’t need to be in Berlin or Munich, but you do have to wear clogs and chug a Spaten out of a boot mug.

Vector Family Holding Hands Icon
September 28 Family Day
We got Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so it makes sense that we’d have family day, where we all spend some time together and appreciate how lucky we are to have each other.

Elephant Icon
September 22 Elephant Appreciation Day
Elephants never forget. Follow by their example and never forget this holiday.

October holidays

October 5 World Animal Day
Animal lovers and appreciators can come together in admiration for all walks of life on this big blue marble.

Apple With Book Icon
October 5 World Teacher's Day
Honoring our most unappreciated heroes, people who change the lives of children by instilling knowledge, hope, and encouragement, three things we all could use a little more of.

Bowl Of Dessert Icon
October 14 National Dessert Day
Plenty of specific desserts have their own holidays. This is a celebration of the pleasure of eating any and all the desserts.

Pasta Icon
October 25 World Pasta Day
A celebration of pasta in all its forms, from instant mac and cheese to squid ink tagliatelle in a white wine tomato sauce.

October 31 Halloween
A night of costumes, mischievous, candy, and neighborly giving. ‘Nough said.

November holidays

Vector Sandwich With Flag Icon
November 3 Sandwich Day
Probably the most versatile, and possibly the oldest, food known to man, everyone has their favorite, and everyone can agree that a national holiday in its honor is completely necessary.

Chip And Guacamole Icon
November 6 National Nachos Day
If you don’t like chips and melted cheese and maybe some jalapenos, this nacho holiday.

November 6 Saxophone Day
Whether tapping your leg in a jazz club, enjoying a street performer, or playing the instrument yourself, saxophones are just inherently cool.

Pizza Slice Icon
November 12 Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day
This silly, fun, and delicious holiday is all about enjoying as many toppings on a pizza as possible…except for anchovies.

Hands Holding Heart Icon
November 13 World Kindness Day
We’re all so connected, yet we still have trouble extending kindness across oceans. This is a day that encourages we change that.

Turkey Dinner
Fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving
Eat, drink, be thankful, be around family, and give up on your diet until the next day. It’s the American way.

Retail Shop With Sign Icon
Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday
The best deals in town at a first come first serve basis means things can get a bit testy, but it’s worth it.

December holidays

December 4 Cookie Day
More often than not, a warm cookie is the best medicine for a bad mood, which means hopefully no one is in a “crummy” (get it?) mood on Cookie Day.

Human Rights
December 10 Human Rights Day
The only way we can give everyone their human rights is to be diligent, aware, and active. This holiday encourages that.

Ice Cream
December 13 Ice Cream Day
Whoever can eat ten different flavors in one day first wins Ice Cream Day, that’s just a fact.

Monkey Day
December 14 Monkey Day
This is up to interpretation. Is it act like a monkey day, or is it a day to honor our tail-having cousins? It’s up to you!

December 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
You can cover anything you want in chocolate on this holiday, but we recommend fruit and/or nuts. Trust.

Christmas Stocking
December 24 Christmas Eve
Chestnuts roasting, stockings hung by the chimney with care, cookies set out for Santa, and snow in the forecast. Tomorrow is the most wonderful time of the year.

December 25 Christmas Day
Chestnuts roasted, stockings stuffed, cookies eaten, and new fallen snow on the ground. Today is the most wonderful time of the year.

December 30 Bacon Day
You could wrap bacon around literally anything and most people would at least try it.

Dancing Icon
December 31 New Year's Eve
After a very, very long year, it’s nice to know that you have 365 days to recover from the festivities of the eve of a New Year.

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